Pink aromatic banana – Another source of income besides the pipe wine of Tan Son Commune.

During the New Year’s celebrations in Vietnam, it is very common for every Vietnamese family to prepare a hand of  green banana which is presented at  the ancestral altar.

For many years, a hand of banana has belonged to the five-type-of-fruits-tray. This fruit is believed to bring the family good fortune  in the New year.
The banana tree is a very common plant grown in Vietnam. It is a major source of income for many as its produce provides dealers with increased profits. Throughout the year the price of a bundle of aromatic bananas usually ranges from 70.000-100.000VND, and in some suburban markets the price is as low as 30.000 VND.  

The green aromatic banana is a very popular crop in Tan Son; Na Meo Commune in Hoa Binh District as soil and weather conditions in this district are suitable for its production. It also requires little to no pesticides thus serving as a big source of  income . The project supports farmers in this district and also encourages the intercropping of banana with maize along with other crops.  It is also a very hardy  plant and known to withstand storms during the raining seasons  thus encouraging  intercropping. It seems the banana plant has absorbed some parts of the organic microbiological fertilizer for pea and maize plants because the banana plant in Tan Son – Na Meo grows  fast  and provides high yields.. Due to this one banana chamber here has 7-8 bananas. At the end of 2012, many families began  harvesting  bananas.