Multi – finger chicken raising model – new way for the poor’s livelihoods

After visiting the livelihoods model at Tam Thanh and Vo Mieu Communes (Phu Tho Province), we visited the multi – finger chicken raising model at Tam Thanh Commune. We hope to have the opportunity of seeing “the chicken with nine fingers” from the legend of “Son Tinh, Thuy Tinh” (a famous Vietnamese legend).

We went with Mr. Hoang – The vice president of Tam Thanh Commune Livelihoods Community Club to go to Mr. Ha Van Thu’s family at Vai Village (Tam Thanh Commune). He was home with his little daughter. He shared with us:  “Many people order multi – finger chicken, so we cannot supply all of our customers. This type of chicken is still very rare in comparison with other types”. We were very curious to see the chicken after all “Words are but wind, but seeing is believing”.
The chicken coop has an area of 20 m2. There were about 30 chickens in the coop. Mr. Thu showed us a chicken with seven to eight fingers. We were surprised at this rare encounter. Mr. Thu shared:  Many people but the mult-finger chickens and give them out as gifts and during wedding parties. My family has been able to sell a kilogram at VND 300, 00 because of the high quality. Chicken breed also can be sold at the price of VND 50,000/ chicken, which brings us high profit”
Participating in the project, he was lent with a loan of VND 3 million to buy feed for his chicken. Along with other members in the animal husbandry, Mr Thu was equipped with techniques in care and prevention for chickens, which helped his family’s chickens grow very strongly and fast.

Multi – finger chickens bought from Tan Pheo Commune, Da Bac District (Hoa Binh Province)
Mr. Thu intended to borrow more capital from the project to buy more chickens. I wondered whether the price would decrease due to the supply surplus, was his reply to my question, since the supply of chickens within the commune, district remains lower than the demand. However, people in other areas like this type of chicken, for this reason, we can shift the supply to other provinces”
We said our farewells and. Mr. Thu promised to invite us to his home during the next Tet holiday to enjoy multi – finger chicken.