Growing for better life

The road leading to Tan Binh Village (Vo Mieu commune, Thanh Son district, Phu Tho province) was  muddy due to heavy rains from the previous day(not too sure about this bit,since I wasn’t present at the scene.). While driving on the back of the motorcycle with   Mr. Thang – the Presidend of Vo Mieu Commune Livelihoods Community Clubi held tightly with one hand, and with the other, I held onto the camera taking photos as we drove along.

   I could not help but admire the beauty of the green tea fields planted along as we drove by, Ms. Ngoan – the members of the club and the project’s accountant stated: “In the past, on the TV, we saw  tea grown in other provinces with thick dark green leaves and hoped the tea grown in our villages would grow out the same. Thanks to the assistance attained from the report, we are able to produce similar yields.
Ms. Do Ngoc Oanh – a member of the club participating in the tea growing model shared with us: “Before receiving the support of the project, we didn’t know about the varying techniques for growing tea.  On average we harvested tea after 30 days with the yield of 0, 17 ton/ 360m2. Now, thanks to the project, our yield significantly increased to 0, 25 – 0, 27 ton/ 360m2: “In the past, we thought increased level of nitrogen was a better option.  Now we have learnt to use a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium”
We went with Mr. Thang and other farmers to visit Ms. Oanh family. She invited us to tea and offered us some green tea which had a sweet aroma which filled the room. . We knew that with the introduction of hybrid tea, to farmers such as PH1, LDP1 and PT95, young tea could be sold at the price of VND 4000 – 4200/ kg, providing a 50% increase in farmers’ income. Farmers here intended to replace old tea with new ones the project introduced, which provided high quality and high yield. They were glad to have acquired new science and technology to improve the households’ income. Before saying farewell to each other, these friendly farmers said: “We hope that the project continues to support us with techniques and capital to expand the area of tea”. Mr. Thang shared: “Thanks to tea, our village will be rich soon”. I felt the happiness shared within the commune. The green tea, the color of belief and hope filled my mind while I left.