Sustainable Livelihoods

cau-chuyen-co-so sinh-ke-ben-vung

Related contents: cultivation, breeding, forestry, market, value chain, safe agricultural product, credit saving, climate change.

Multi – finger chicken raising model – new way for the poor’s livelihoods

After visiting the livelihoods model at Tam Thanh and Vo Mieu Communes (Phu Tho Province), we visited the multi – finger chicken raising model at Tam Thanh Commune. We hope to have the opportunity of seeing “the chicken with nine fingers” from the legend of “Son Tinh, Thuy Tinh” (a famous Vietnamese legend).

Growing for better life

The road leading to Tan Binh Village (Vo Mieu commune, Thanh Son district, Phu Tho province) was  muddy due to heavy rains from the previous day(not too sure about this bit,since I wasn’t present at the scene.). While driving on the back of the motorcycle with   Mr. Thang – the Presidend of Vo Mieu Commune Livelihoods Community Clubi held tightly with one hand, and with the other, I held onto the camera taking photos as we drove along.