Indigenous Knowledge

cau-chuyen-co-so kien-thuc-van-hoa-ban-dia

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Traditional houses of the ethnic minorities of the mountainous north– one type of green architecture.

( - Coming from the countrysides of Vietnam, nobody can forget the traditional houses of our ancestors build with straws, coconut leaves; pillars made from wood or bamboo; large doors and windows with flexible bamboo awnings to prevent the sunlight from coming in. When being moved or demolished, this kind of house does not leave any trace as all the materials that the house is built of are organic. On the exact place of the old house, a completely new house or a garden can be built without causing any harm to the environment. Thus, it is a kind of “green architecture”. The houses of ethnic minorities have a lot of these “green” attributes. This article will analyze some “green” aspects of traditional architecture from houses of ethnic minorities living in the northern mountainous area of Vietnam.