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  • Farmers of Tuan Giao district, Dien Bien province visit credit saving group in Phu Tho province

Budget support from the livelihood development fund for 2 community livelihood clubs in Phu Tho province.

On the 10th of May, 2013, in the meeting hall of People’s Committee of Tam Thanh commune of Tan Son district, SRD conducted the 2nd phase budget disbursement of the livelihood development fund with representatives of leaders of People’s Committee of Tam Thanh commune as witnesses.

The community livelihood club (CLC) of Tam Thanh commune located in Tan Son district and the CLC of Vo Mieu commune located in Thanh Son district are 2 community organizations created under the support of SRD. With the aim of increasing quantity and quality of the small credits to help participants of the 2 clubs increase their livelihood and living standards, the project has supported them to establish the Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) in 7 villages of 2 communes in order to mobilize the available fund. At the same time, the Project also uses the livelihood development fund to provide loans to members of 2 clubs without interest.

In 2012, the livelihood development fund has disbursed the lending budget with the total amount of 155.5 million Vietnamese Dong for 2 clubs. 

In 2013, after the evaluation of the management of budgets of the 2 clubs, on the 10th of May 2013, the Project disbursed funds for the 2nd time for Tam Thanh Club with the total amount of 80.7 million Vietnamese Dong. On schedule, the second phase budget disbursement for Vo Mieu Club will be taking place in June.

giai ngan

Management board of Tam Thanh club conducts budget disbursement from the livelihood development fund for 6 groups with the witness of officers from SRD and representatives of leaders of Tam Thanh People’s Committee.

Apart from the borrowed budget from the livelihood development fund of the project, at the end of May 2013, the credit-saving groups of 2 clubs have mobilized 85 million Vietnamese Dong from the savings of members.

The savings of members and budget from the livelihood fund of the project are directly managed by the management board and club members and rotated to lend members. The interest rate and terms of the loans are agreed by the members of the club on the basis that the loans can be accessed by the small producing family and ethnic minority family. Thus, the interest rate of the loan borrowed from the livelihood development fund is always competitive in comparison with the Bank’s interest rate at the same time. The interest gained from the loans of the project is used for the management expenses and group activities of the 2 clubs. The funds are usually used by members to invest in inputs, manufacturing equipment for animal husbandry and producing and processing fresh or dried tea.

Through the establishment of the credit saving groups, as well as financial support, the project has gradually supported the management board of the two clubs and farmers to participate in the establishment and execution of the automatic management structure from mobilizing funds, managing, using, monitoring, supporting and reclaiming funds. Therefore, the 2 clubs have provided a lot of poor farmers with investments even though they might be as little as 1.5 million – 5 million Vietnamese Dong. Despite the limited amount, the loans usually are very considerable in providing farmers with a way to earn their livings, a way to solve the urgent demands and a way to create stable income for their family.

The poor families and ethnic minorities participating in the clubs are also more confident after they have understood how to use and manage funds effectively.


Some pictures of members of community livelihood clubs borrowing capital from the livelihood development fund of project from 2012 and using them effectively in developing family’s economic.

Ha Thi Hue 25 tuoi dt Muong to 1 Muc TT

Joy of Ms. Ha Thi Hue (Muong Ethnic Minority) living in sector 1 of Tam Thanh commune when she receives 5 million Vietnamese Dong in order to invest in buying more pigs.

IMG 8354

Ms. Phung Thi Kim Anh (Muong Ethnic Minority) living in Sector 6 Tang of Tam Thanh commune has increased her income thanks to the 2 million loan to buy breed chickens.

c Huong VM
Ms. Le Thi Huong (Kinh nationality) – member of Vo Mieu club is standing next to the brood of chickens, which are bought by using the borrowed fund from the project.