Project’s objectives

"Vietnamese NGO toward ethnic minority communities' livelihoods in Northern mountainous area" is a community development project supporting more than 2000 poor ethnic minority's households in Northern mountainous rural area of Vietnam. The project is funded by Manos Unidas and being implemented by three organizations – the Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), the Centre of Research and Development in Upland Area (CERDA) and the Center for Sustainable Development in Mountainous Areas (CSDM). This project is being implemented from July, 2011 to June, 2014 in Phu Tho, Hoa Binh and Thai Nguyen Provinces.

SRD will implement the project in Phu Tho province and play a role as a coordinator of the project. CERDA will take charge of conducting the project's activities in Thai Nguyen province and CSDM will implement the project in Hoa Binh province.

Despite the different project locations, three organizations will work to fulfill a common goal to build and develop strong Community - based organizations (CBOs) at project communes in three provinces, with the aim of supporting ethnic minority communities, especially poor people and women to participate proactively and effectively in local governance and sustainable livelihoods development".


Building capacity for CBOs to be able to analyze, adapt to and deal with issues as well as effectively mobilize local resources in order to improve ethnic minority communities' livelihoods.

Enhancing CBOs' capacity towards sustainable livelihoods, develop potential of local commodities and to provide added value to agricultural and forestry production.

Improving the relationship and collaboration between CBOs in the three project locations in order to develop the local people's livelihoods and contribute to the effective community governance.

Documenting the project's results in order to raise awareness of the project's successes. Projects will also be documented in order to strengthen collaboration between policy makers and civil social organizations, with the aim of helping ethnic minority communities exercise their rights and responsibilities in relation to hunger eradication, poverty reduction and community governance.