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Manos Unidas is a Spanish non – governmental organization for support, promotion and development of the Third World (Asia, Africa and America). In 2011, Manos Unidas has approved a total of 605 projects, in 58 countries all around the world.


Fight against hunger, malnutrition, poverty, disease, underdevelopment and lack of education.


  • The universal destination of goods, designed to ensure decent living conditions for all.
  • The common good, which is considered achieved when human rights are guaranteed, respected and promoted.
  • Solidarity as strong determination to work for justice, in an organized and persevering through life worthy of the most impoverished of the earth, in Africa, Asia and America.
  • The culture of peace, built on dialogue, reconciliation, friendship and respect for life
  • Cooperation and coordination with other organizations in the South to meet the requests of all persons who are excluded, regardless of sex, race, country or religion.
  • The quality and professionalism in all its activities.
  • Transparency in the recruitment, management and administration of resources

Main work sectors

  • Promotion of women: This is a priority presenting in all projects of Manos Unidas
  • Agriculture: The projects supported by Manos Unidas in this sector seek to promote agriculture and livestock farming, thus improving living standards for the rural population through a range of initiatives.
  • Education: Manos Unidas supports or implements educational projects through the creation or equipping of vocational training centers, which allowed increased literacy rates and adult education.
  • Social promotion: Projects in this sector are aimed at making the population aware of community responsibility and improving the quality of life in these communities.
  • Healthcare: By supporting projects in this field, Manos Unidas aims to prevent disease by creating, equipping and improving community clinics and hospitals, promoting vaccination campaigns and preventive medicine, and by aiding in the training of health providers, and through other services.

Manos Unidas and three organizations SRD, CSDM and CERDA

In 2011 Manas Unidas partnered with SRD, CERDA, and CSDM to undertake "Vietnamese NGOs toward ethnic minority communities' livelihoods in Northern mountainous areas" in three provinces Phu Tho, Hoa Binh and Thai Nguyen (SRD ref. No: Vm 037, 2011 – 2014).
Manos Unidas and SRD have established a strong and lasting relationship with each other. Manos Unidas has cooperated and supported SRD's projects in both Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change departments since 2007. There are some outstanding projects such as "Poor farmers and women manage irrigation in Hung Long Commune, Yen Lap District, Phu Tho Province" (SRD ref. No: VM 007, 2007 – 2010), "Taking a value chain approach to improving rural livelihoods in the context of natural disasters and climate change in Can Loc District, Ha Tinh Province" (SRD ref. No: VM 038 – 2012 – 2014)